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Photo of  Marco Michelini - in collaboration with Gabriele Budassi

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Marco Michelini 

He was born on March 15 1962 in Sant Ippolitoi n Italy, where he still resides. 

The second of nine children, he dedicated part of his work life to helping his father, a mechanic, to support the family.

At the age of fifteen, Marco’s Uncle Livio, the priest of Sant Ipplito, had the brilliant idea to give Marco a Zenith camera.This was a turning point for Marco. This really precious present brought out Marco’s power of observation, one of his most interesting traits. His work, first with his father and then with his brothers and sisters, offered him the possibility to make numerous trips to many places in the world. Among the places that he has visited are Thailand, Greece, Chile, China, the USA, Malaysia, Turkey, Poland, and the Central African Republic. These trips have served both to deepen Marco’s capacity for observation and as sources of inspiration.

When Marco was twenty years old, he began collaborating with publishing house AVE of Rome, being in charge of pictures for Catholic periodicals (“Azione Cattolica Italiana”). Afterwards  he furnished photographic material to the publishing house ELI, famous  particularly  for its strip cartoons in Latin.

In the meantime, the family business, which was engaged principally in the production of collated nails, became more demanding of Marco’s time. However, even in this area, Marco succeeded to express his creativity and innovation, inventing highly sophisticated machines.

Marco continues to pursue ideas to portray, observing attentively the region in which he lives with particular interest in the local landscape and scenes of everyday life. He works with several local photographic studios.

In 2004, Marco had an exposition of several of his works at the gallery of the Paper Mill Playhouse, a theater in Millburn, NJ USA, meeting with notable success.

Marco’s family, including four daughters and a son, is an infinite source of inspiration for his images of everyday life. 




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